Tutanota x Proton Mail (minhas primeiras impressões)

Estou testando simultaneamente o Tutanota e o Proton Mail / Calendar, usando os apps para Android e web; o Proton não tem aplicações nativas para Mac ainda. Subjetivamente, me sinto mais atraído pelo Tuta, pois me parece uma empresa mais próxima dos usuários e mais transparente; objetivamente, o serviço da Proton é mais maduro; tanto o app Android quando a aplicação web são mais rápidas e fluidas; eu sinto o Tuta mais pesado e lento.

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O post do Maique sobre sair do micro.blog reforçou minha decisão de mudar de plataforma; além dos pontos que mencionou, há outros subjetivos tão ou mais importantes para mim e também o há custo; pelo (pouco) que escrevo, este gasto absolutamente não se justifica.

3rd week of Tuta Mail testing

In this third week of testing, I have no complains about the Mail, but I am still unhappy with the Calendar; the Agenda view on mobile is useless, as it shows only the current day, just like the Day view; it makes no sense; other negative point is the Week view - only 7 hours of the day are shown on mobile; this means that I have to keep scrolling up and down to see all appointments; why not a pinch-to-zoom feature as in Google Calendar and Proton Calendar?

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I would like to read more. When I was a boy, I was an avid reader; now, I have a Kindle (three, in fact) full of interesting books claiming for my attention while I am here on Micro.blog, or Mastodon, or Reddit, reading short posts about blogs, productivity apps, about Kindles (!?).

For many years I used Lotus Notes and I really enjoyed a single application for e-mail, calendar, tasks and database; it was easy & practical. But now, I can not get used to it anymore; I keep installing Outlook, Thunderbird and others just to remove them a few days later. They all seem too bloated.

I use Gmail and Google Calendar; I do pay for Microsoft Office and also for another email service (from Terra Networks) that is basically used by my wife. So why am I testing Tuta Mail and Próton Mail? Why pay for a service that I don’t need?

2nd week of Tuta Mail testing (includes an affiliate link)

I am on the 2nd week of my Tuta Mail testing. So for so good. Nothing to complain about the e-mail part of it; it is fast and works as expected; about the Calendar, I got a position from the developers that they will roll back a change that made it unusable for me (Agenda view showing only one day, just as the Day view). If you want to try it too and get a a free month when you subscribe, would you please us this link: https://app.

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This the best and most useful browser extension you will find: Format Link. You just click it and, voilà, you get the link in the format you need (as markdown, html and others), copied to the clipboard. It saves me lot of time when writing my blog posts. Chrome / Edge.

It is not easy for a man, I would say almost impossible, to compete against Mark Zuckerberg; not taking about Mark, the man, but Facebook and Instagram and the space they occupy in a person’s mind.

One day with Tuta Mail; time enough to see that the Calendar is unusable. I should have read the comments on reddit before subscribing; but luckily I only paid for one month.