I wasn’t looking for any new web service in particular or for another mastodon instance, but when I discovered omg.lol on the micro.blog timeline, it was impossible not to sign it up immediately and start playing with all the services offered.

Main screen of omg.lol website.

omg.lol is combo of services that includes a cool domain (like mdalves.omg.lol ), a landing (or profile) page, a mastodon instance (social.lol), e-mail forwarding, full e-mail (partnering with fastmail), DNS configuration, Pastebin, URL shortener, blog hosting and more yet to come.

The landing page is an excellent and affordable alternative to services like taplink or linktree; their mastodon instance is an easy and quick to enter and explore the fediserve so you can start your migration from Musk´s Twitter (I´m already on the process).

omg.lol is currently priced at US$5/year, but it will change to US$20 next January, so hurry up and pay for many years in advance. Please consider siging up using my referral link: https://home.omg.lol/referred-by/mdalves.